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Our expert team can provide transcription services in various fields such as business, legal and insurance and of course, the medical field. Medical transcriptions are among the most delicate types of dictations. How can we guarantee this level of accuracy in a field not exactly accessible to everyone? The answer is that we work with transcribers that have experience with the terminology used in the medical industry.

Our technology was designed to make transcriptions faster and lives easier!

The modern technology we use is an innovation in the field of medical transcriptions and many other areas where time is a sensitive matter and every second counts. We are constantly improving our technology in order to make sure that our clients benefit from the newest developments in the world of digital dictation technology.

What We Bring New
  • Online-based transcriptions in 2 steps: upload the dictation and download the transcription.
  • The possibility to choose the instrument you are going to use for voice capture: handheld digital recorder or PDA
  • Telephone dictation via a toll-free dial-in service available non-stop for our clients
  • Flexibility and mobility for our clients
  • 100% accurate transcriptions provided by native speakers

Your Benefits

100% accurate transcriptions, same day service, fast turnaround, custom report format, and access to last generation technology, such as free handheld digital recorders and the possibility to upload your audio and download your transcriptions online, in a short interval of time.

What We Do

Our team are the best friends of medical staff. We focus on providing accurate medical transcriptions, and that is why scribers are local and have knowledge of the medical industry. Medical transcriptions among the most delicate type of transcriptions, where even a misunderstood word can affect a life. We acknowledge this and are ready to take responsibility. Ultimately, this is a field in which words and lives depend on each other.

Statistics show that doctors focus only 37% of their time providing patient care. Unfortunately, 63% of the is spent on paperwork. This is clearly not an effective use of your time.

Canadian Transcription Services is here to help doctors focus 100% on the patient and leave our team in charge with the paperwork. Moreover, the transcription process is done online and even via a toll-free transcription number, so that everything can go smoothly and without sacrificing your precious time.

Remember! All you need to do is upload the dictation and download the high-quality transcription. It's that simple because we are professional, reliable and have access to last generation transcription technology.

Your Advantages

Free 1 week trial, no upfront fees, no contract, and access to medical billing.


Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription Service

General practice notes, medical records and a wide variety of medical reports and discharge summaries.

Medical Transcription
Business Transcription Services

Conference and meetings notes, interviews, lectures, seminars, team building reports are all available.

Medical Transcription
Legal transcription services

Court notes, meeting reports, interviews, case/file preparation are all provided at Canadian Transcriptions.

Medical Transcription
Transcription for Insurance Co.

Insurance adjuster reports, APS reports, meeting notes are all covered by our transcription services.